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Renovate Our Parks and Gathering Spaces

Maintain and renovate our city parks and public gathering spaces.

When my family moved here, I would take my three year old daughter to the parks all the time. The wonderful playgrounds and green spaces in the community were one of the reasons that my wife and I chose Coral Springs as our home. Today, my daughter has grown up, and is actually graduating college this Spring, and yet most of the parks look exactly the same. They need to be updated and maintained to ensure that Coral Springs continues to be a welcoming place for young families. Check out our video here.

Ensure Public Safety

Prioritize community and law enforcement safety including body cameras.

Safety is an incredibly important issue for all of the residents of Coral Springs and we must continue to support our local police force to make sure that this city continues to be a safe place to live. I am proposing that the use of body cameras be implemented as a way to protect our police force as well as add transparency and accountability. As an attorney I have represented law enforcement officers as well as civilians and have seen first hand how helpful body camera footage can be. Check out our video here.

Update City Infrastructure

Update our aging infrastructure to support city growth.

As our city continues to grow, the infrastructure needs to be updated to support the new development. This includes our water and sewer systems, as well as our roads, sidewalks, and bike paths. Flooding is an issue in some parts of the city and we must ensure that the planning is done in a resilient way. Check out our video here.

Programming for Families, Young and Old

Support programming for both young families and aging seniors.

Coral Springs is a family friendly city and we must work together to make sure that our young families as well as our senior community members are welcomed and supported with programming and resources that address the unique needs and opportunities in their lives. When we focus on community, we are focusing on the future of our city. Check out our video here.

Promote Smart Economic Development

Facilitate smart, small-business friendly, economic development.

Small businesses are both the economic engine of Coral Springs and the heart and soul of our community. We must be proactive in developing a business environment that is friendly to small businesses and attracts local investment and jobs. At the end of the day, our local businesses are owned by, operated by, and employing our neighbors, generating revenue for the city as a whole. It is crucial that we promote smart local development. Check out our video here.

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  • Khurrum Wahid for Coral Springs
  • Khurrum Wahid lives in Coral Springs with his wife Dr. Anila Wahid and their two daughters. After two decades of national service and advocacy, he has decided to run for City Commission in order to work locally for the values he fights for every day, bringing common sense, community focused leadership to the City Commission.

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